• Here are some of the questions that we are always asked!

    Do you buy books?
    No, we don't, but we do operate a part exchange policy whereby books that are brought into our bookshop by the public are valued by us according to age, condition, title, etc.  The client may then use that credit to purchase other books in our bookshop. The credit can be used there and then or kept for a rainy day. We will create an account to keep the credit for future use. The credit gets cancelled if the account remains untouched for 2 years.

    Do you take any books?
    As long as they are in English, pretty much. There are a few exceptions: most computer manuals; language teaching books older than 5 years; university course books, old mass produced novels that cannot be classified as literature or classics, for example,  anything with the word “Airport” in the title. We are also not very fond of faith based belief systems and the promotion of them.

    We also take books in other languages (except Catalan and Spanish), but the credit we give is less than for books in English.

    Do you sell new as well as secondhand books?
    The great majority of our stock is second hand, we also have a growing selection of overstocks, which are books that are nearly new at a reduced price. We have also a amall selection of new books, as in not used, but we do not usually have recently published books.

    What books have you got?
    We have over 40,000 titles in stock: fiction and non-fiction. We have 30 non-fiction sections ranging from biography to self-help, from art and design to marketing and business and everything else in-between. Our fiction sections have something for everyone. We have more than 50 sections in our shop, but we are carefully doing a stock take of each and every book, so the sections will be visible online gradually. All the books are available at the "physcal" bookshop

    Do you sell on-line?

    Yes. For now we are only selling and shipping within peninsular Spain. We hope to sell and ship to Balears and Canries soon, too.
    And sometime in the future, maybe to Europe and the rest of the world!

    Can you order books you don’t have in stock?
    Yes, we can order books; our suppliers have over 1.000.000 titles available. We don’t charge extra for special orders. Deliveries take between 1 and 3 weeks depending on which supplier we can get it from.

    Do you have books in other languages?

    Most of our stock is in English. We do, however, have sections in French, German, Italian, Dutch and a very random mix of titles in some other languages. We don’t have any books in Catalan or Spanish.

    Do you sell Coffee?
    No, we sell books...  there are lots of lovely coffee places in Gràcia... but they don't sell books ;-)

    Do you take credit cards?

    Yes , we do. You can also use cash (euros) or the credit we give you for the books you bring for exchange.

    No travellers cheques and no dollars.

    Where are you located?
    We can be found in the Barri de Gràcia, one of the cultural highlights of Barcelona. Please check our contact page to find a map, information on how to get to our bookshop and our opening hours.

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